Garden Mix


Garden Mix consists of leaf compost, dirt, sand and processed pine.

Excellent for raised gardens and flowerbeds.

A yard covers approximately 100 sq. ft. (a 10 ft by 10 ft area) at 3″ deep. Please consider soils compact over time.

This is a good all-purpose basic planting soil.

We recommend incorporation of additional amendments such as worm casting or Black Kow to achieve desired results.

This is a base material for planting. Please consult your local nursery or Co-Op for amendment options.

If you are new to gardening we encourage you to click >>HERE <<. This is The Farmers Almanac which is a great resource to learn how to build your box, how
much soil you need, and how to manage your boxes through out your gardening season.

Click >>HERE << for help in determining how much you need.


This material is an excellent base for starting new flower beds and gardens. Consists of 35% leaf compost, 35% dirt, 15% sand and 15% processed pine. You can plant directly into this product without having to till.