We have several delivery options available from which to choose.  Most of our deliveries are fulfilled by our standard, tri-axle delivery trucks.

In Tennessee and Arkansas, we can haul up to 25 yards of mulch, 20 yards of soil, and 20 tons of sand or gravel.

For Mississippi deliveries, we can haul up to 25 yards of mulch, 15 yards of soil, and 12 tons of sand or gravel.

There are minimum amounts that we require for all areas as well.

Unfortunately, if you need a delivery of two different products, such as mulch and sand, or dirt and gravel, two deliveries will be required. Our trucks do not have the ability to separate products, and the movement of the trucks during the transport will cause the products to mix.

Our dump trucks require a fourteen foot wide clearance, and our smaller single axle trucks require a twelve foot wide clearance.

Our smaller, single axle dump trucks can haul up to 10 yards of mulch, 8 yards of soil, and 8 tons of sand or gravel.

If we can deliver at least 50 yards of product at one time, you may request a tractor trailer delivery.  Because our tractor trailers have to pass through DOT weigh stations, not only is your load measured by yardage but also by weight.  Accordingly, maximum yardage amounts will vary, and we will advise you how many yards we have put onto the trailer after it is loaded.  Furthermore, there are some areas, such as residential neighborhoods, that our tractor trailers may not successfully navigate and would necessitate dump trucks instead.

We are also pleased to offer a forklift delivery option for sod and stone purchases.  Our forklift typically places the product on the side of the driveway.  If you desire its placement in a backyard area, please keep in mind that the forklift requires about ten feet wide clearance, and it must remain on a paved surface. Finally, because there are restrictions on places that the trailer can enter, we can deliver to most but not all areas.