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Grow Your Lawn Green

I love green soft grass. As do toddlers. I know this because all the small kids play in my yard. My secret is compost. I didn’t want to use synthetic products for so many reasons and one is I like to save money and do less watering and work. Organic lawn care gives you just that. You may look at your yard and wonder will it ever be the same, maybe I should double the rate of everything I am using on my lawn.  Let’s talk about how to grow your lawn green!

As Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.  I am sure this is how a person can feel every spring as the weather begins to warm and the weeds began to grow.

Many years of treating your lawn using synthetic products has left the soil sterile. Our soil needs micro- organisms, good fungi, bacteria and minerals, paired with Major and Minor macronutrients, minor micronutrients and secondary nutrients. The traditional way of lawn care does not provide our soil with any of the soil life need to maintain a healthy lawn. Therefore, I am recommending leaf compost as a light layer on your lawn. Also leaf compost should be used in place of sand. Why would you use sand when leaf compost offers more!

Some of you have a great looking lawn but you get patches of grass that turn brown. This is a fungal issue. Leaf compost can aid in elevating that problem. When your soil become sterile and weak the fungi that causes the brown patch can thrive. Healing the soil heals the grass. Apply over an inch to the diseased areas. You will see grass grow back within a week and I bet it looks so good you will want to put compost on your entire yard. The difference in your lawn will be seen by the end of spring. I could promise but Mother Nature is a tough lady that tells us we can’t control nature

Another benefit of natural products like leaf compost will reduced use of weed killers which in turns saves the good wasps, big-eyed bugs, dragonflies, earthworms, lace wing and honeybees.

If you can tolerate a few weeds in the spring you will be providing more pollinating plants.  Several spring weeds have beautiful flowers.

Weeds are a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth; especially: one that tends to overgrow or choke out desirable plants. But spring weeds don’t take over your lawn long term only in the spring and then the weeds die out naturally.

Here is a list of poplar spring weeds and their benefits.

  • Plantain: edible
  • Mouse-ear chickweed: edible; widely used as an herb
  • Henbit: edible; herbal properties
  • Dandelion: Edible and provides early nectar sources for bees.
  • Violets: many are edible: used as ornamental ground covers.

By:  Vador Vance Gardening Services

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