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Why should you add compost under your mulch?

shovel and dirt compost

A soil food web helps makes healthy soil. Compost and mulch are part of this food web.

Adding compost provides the soil food web with nutrients to keep producing strong, healthy and beautiful plants. Mulching over compost covers the exposed soil and shelters all the microorganism’s beneficial fungi and bacteria living in the soil. Plants send chemical signals to nearby soil bacteria and fungi that indicate nutrients the plant needs.

When you are fertilizing with natural products like compost, worm casting and Plant-tone you are providing the needed nutrients when the plant needs them – unlike the results you get from using synthetic fertilizers. We tend to think we are fertilizing our plants with everything they need when using synthetic fertilizers. We’re not, the soil scenario becomes a feast or famine issue. Natural, organic products feed the soil and the soil feed the plants!

Boom you’re done! The secret to a great garden is providing the soil food web with all its needs.

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