• Fill Dirt- local clay dirt that may have roots, rocks, and clumps. Its main use is for back filling large holes, building roads, house foundations, dams, and levees.
  • Screened Soil- this is the fill dirt that has gone through a screening process to remove and foreign debri. It is an excellent soil to use for leveling yards and for seeding or sodding new lawns, especially fescue or zoysia.
  • Garden Mix- this material is excellent for starting new flower beds and gardens. Consists of 35% leaf compost, 35% dirt, 15% sand and 15% processed pine. You can plant directly into this product without having to till. Please keep in mind this is NOT a “Miracle-Gro” type product. This is a great base and you must add additional additives. Please contact your local Farm Supply or Co Op for assistance with the additional additives.
  • Soil Conditioner- this material is excellent for starting new flower beds, shrubs, and trees. Also, great for potting plants. Consists of 75% leaf compost, 15% sand, and 10% processed pine. It will need to be tilled into the existing soil if going deeper than 6 inches because it does not have any dirt in it.

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