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Sniff the Soil

shovel and dirt compost

It is verifiable that soil microbes and human health and happiness have a link.
Studies show the bacterium Mycpbacterium Vaccae is in all Heathy soils.
This bacterium boosts the serotonin levels and increases the cognitive function.
This Happy Bacterium has been studied for the past 16 years. And only occurs in healthy soil.
You won’t get the benefits of the serotonin booster if you’re smelling sterilized soils.
Only when you smell the earth sweetness, coolness, perfect soil moisture smell will you know your happiness is about to be boosted.

Get a load of leaf compost delivered to your house or pick it up!
Use the leaf compost on your yard, on your vegetable garden, in containers around Roses.
Use it for everything!

Other products that give you wonderful soil are:

  • Plant Tone
  • Cotton burr compost
  • Worm casting
  • Foxfarm products

Tip from a clumsy gardener….Next time you fall down In the garden, pick up a handful of healthy soil and breath. It will be funny in no time.

Keep slugs off your plants by preventive maintenance.
Remove wet leaves mulch and debris away from plants that slugs like.
You can also find slugs under flower pots. Lift the pots off the ground with pot feet or rocks. That takes care of the shady cool area that slugs like around flower pots.

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