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Raised Bed For Vegetables and More

Wow!! What a break we have in the weather!  Why not get your raised garden ready for planting?  Raised bed gardens are not for Vegetables only. You can make a perennial garden, an herb garden or a cottage garden. I enjoy mixing vegetables along with annuals perennial and herbs.  Raised beds make gardening easier and more convenient.

Look for cinder blocks, wall blocks, brick, fieldstone, cedar, untreated pine, spruce or redwood.  Using wood means you need to nail and construct your bed. To make it easy to build your raised beds, you can purchase pre-made corners, which are pictured below.

raised bed

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The size of the garden bed can be 4×4, 8×6 or whatever fits your needs.  You can put a garden trellis, an obelisk and so on to help keep vines growing upward instead of growing along the edge of raised bed.  This allows you to grow more plants!

Time to add the soil to your raised bed. It’s a good thing Nature’s Earth has the soil mix you need.  Garden mix is excellent for starting new flower beds and gardens. This product consists of leaf compost, dirt, sand and processed pine. You can plant directly into this product without having to till your soil.

You are going to need to add a variety of extra soil amendments.  My favorites are Wormcasting (you can purchase at Nature’s Earth) and plant-tone.  Mix these products into the top few inches of soil.  Wormcastings do so much for your soil. For instance, worm casting gives you a large variety of nutrient and lot of micro-organisms. Your garden is guaranteed to make your plants stronger vegetables sweeter and flowers have bigger blooms!!

By: Vader Vance

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