Myers – Delivery Only



Myers Zoysia (requires 6 hours partial sunlight daily). Myers Zoysia is a flexible warm season turf grass utilized for many applications. Myers has become the most popular of the Zoysia grasses because of its uniform medium texture and tolerances for heat and cold. It provides a plush, high density, deep green cover mid-April through early October. This grass is recommended for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, athletic fields and recreation areas.
Shade Tolerance: Good shade adaptation. Tolerates areas up to 50% shade or filtered sunlight. Will not tolerate heavy shade.
Heat/Cold Tolerance: Very good heat and cold tolerance. Best overall cold tolerance of any warm season turf grass.
Dormancy: Enters dormant stage in winter months. Stops growing when temperatures drop below 55F for sustained periods; turns tannish color in winter months. Myers requires 65F ground temperature for significant growth.
Water Requirements: Is extremely drought tolerant. However, due to slow growing habit, should be watered regularly to encourage growth.
Wear Resistance Recovery: Has best wear resistance of any turf grass – tolerates heavy traffic. This grass spreads slowly by rhizome -slow to repair from injury.
THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OR REFUNDS GIVEN ON SOD. A pallet of sod weighs approximately 2,000 pounds. A pallet of sod is 450 square feet, or 50 yards. Each pallet contains approximately 180 pieces. A piece of sod covers 2.5 square feet.