• Leaf Compost- composted leaves that are ground up. On average, our leaf compost sits 13-14 months before it is sold. While it is in the composting state, we turn the compost every 3- 4 months to ensure it decomposes at the proper rate for uniformity. Our leaf compost is certified by the US Composting Council. We recommend using tilling leaf compost into the existing soil to help break up the clay.
  • Processed Pine- pulverized pine, almost the consistency of dirt with pine chips. This product can be used as mulch or to break up clay soil.
  • Soil Conditioner – this material is excellent for starting new flower beds, shrubs, and trees. Also, great for potting plants. Consists of leaf compost, sand, and processed pine. It will need to be tilled into the existing soil if going deeper than 6 inches because it does not have any dirt in it.

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