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Better Soils Make Better Landscapes


I’m thinking the first thing I want to do for the spring, which I feel is moving closer, will be planting flowers and shrubs and veggies and perennials! But Wait! You need to stop and reevaluate what the goal is.  Of Course, the goal is to have new plants in your landscape, however, more planning needs to be considered.  Soil is what most people think is boring or the least of the priorities of having a great landscape.  But to have a better landscape, we need better soils.

We need soil to amend our dirt. Yes, I did say soil to amend our dirt. Why? Because soil and dirt are different.

The definition of soil is the upper layer of earth in which plants grow, a black or dark brown material typically consisting of a mixture of organic remains, clay, and rock particles

The definition of dirt is filthy or soiling substance (such as mud, dust, or grime) something worthless

You may have somethings not blooming as you know they should be, your fruit tree may not give you enough fruit and why does that plant not grow?

Maybe it is the soil?!  How do we get better soils?

Let’s start with Soil Conditioner – this material is excellent for starting new landscape and flowerbeds.  It makes better soils.

Soil conditioner consists of leaf compost, sand, and processed pine.

You should till this mix into the existing soil. As much as we hate clay we do need to have a small amount mixed together with the soil conditioner.

***Do not till excessively this will cause the air pockets to become flattened which does nothing to improve the soil. **

To find out the amount of soil needed use our mulch calculator.


Blog post written By: Vader Vance

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